Amaze Entertainment (2006-2007)

At Amaze Entertainment I served as a Technical Artist writing tools and rigging characters (and other art tasks) for Spore Creatures for the Nintendo DS. I wrote a custom exporter to enhance the abilities of the Nintendo Nitro tools since there were several hundred parts and thousands of animations to export.


Here are flash movies of two of the many character rigs I created.


NITRObooster - lets you export thousands of models and/or scenes at a time

Click to view

RigAssistant - a bunch of rigging and other character-related tools all in one handy panel

Click to view

Renamer - part of the RigAssistant tool, lets you rename nodes with just one click

Click to view

Vertex Color Panel - sets selected polygons to predefined vertex colors

Creature Face Keyer - lets animators sets face expressions by moving UV translations


Click here to see an interactive Flash mockup of the Creature Creator.