Humongous Entertainment (2000-2005)

At Humongous Entertainment I was a Senior Artist and also served as a Technical Director writing tools in MEL for the artists. I wrote a custom character rigging tool and upgraded and maintained it. It was used in all the Backyard Sports games since 2002 except for Backyard Skateboarding. Below are highlights of a few things I worked on, I was at Humongous for five years so it would end up being a book if I touched on every thingle thing I did, so I just picked a few items.

MEL Scripts

Misc Tools (shelf that uses some of the tools below)

Humongoid Tools (also uses some of the tools below)

MOVIE: Humongoid Character Rigging Tool

MOVIE: Humongoid rig interacting with a sphere

Renderware Exporter (screenshot)

Backyard Basketball PC

These are the old style backyard kids, all 30 were redesigned right after Backyard Basketball for the PC shipped. These characters did not use my custom rig tool, which was developed at the start of Backyard Hockey PC. I actually learned Maya while working on this project, once I realized how powerful MEL was (and how lame Maya 3.0 was without custom scripts) I learned MELand started writing tool d to help us out because we were short a few people on this project. I ended up automating the sprite generation pipeline as we went along. A more advanced version was used in the next game: Backyard Hockey PC

Backyard Baseball Gamecube

This was the first game where Humongous switched to a 3D engine (no more sprites!). It was also the first project to use my Humongoid rigging tool. I also came up with solutions for attaching the bat to either hands so the animators could use FK or IK as needed.

Backyard Basketball 2004 PC/PS2

This game was the first one using Renderware for their games, I worked on various aspects of the game, including writing the core of the studio's Maya Renderware exporter. Each project seemed to end up using a different version of it based on their needs.

Backyard Hockey 2005 PC

I worked on various parts of this game, making a custom exporter, coming up with the hockey specific rigging (the stick and puck) and making an automated system to add that to the existing rig tool. All the characters in the screenshots below were rigged with Humongoid.