Wizkids (2005-2006)

I was hired to model, texture, and render various robots for ads, posters and box art. Most of the robots below are one million (or more) polygons.


For these two posters I was given models and had to pose, light, and render the scenes. The scene on the left was over three million polygons, I made some low rez proxy models to throw in there while I was tweaking the lighting then swapped them all out with final rez models for the final render.

For this ad I had to convert a human which was a Maya NURBS object to polygons then rig and pose it for the scene. I modeled the robot the on the right from scratch, I textured it too, but not in this particular scene, my textures were for some box art (see below for that paint scheme).

Box Art

I received these as untextured .obj's and had to break them into layers for rigging so they could be poseable and textured them then handed them off for box art shots.

I modeled these two from scratch using 2" unpainted plastic figures for reference (talk about eye strain!).

I received these two as nurbs, which had to be converted to polys, then broken into layers and rigged then textured.